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Gas Furnace Prices

Gas furnace prices can be obtained by getting quotes from local  licensed gas contractors. You can also obtain prices very readily online from a variety of companies. Prices are competitive and delivery is usually fast.

Modern high efficiency gas furnaces deliver up to 97% efficiency. This means that 97% of the fuel which is burned delivers heat to your home. Mid efficiency gas furnaces deliver 78% to 82% efficiency. Mid efficiency gas furnace prices are about $1000 less than a high efficiency model. The  difference in cost however will be paid off within a few years at the present cost of natural gas which is expected to rise in the future. So when you are looking at gas furnace prices it becomes a personal decision  as to whether you want to spend less money now for the new gas furnace you need, and spend more for fuel on a continuing basis. Otherwise the decision is to spend more money now and less for your monthly gas bill by installing a high efficiency natural  gas furnace. There is little doubt that prices for natural gas will rise in the future.

The supply of natural gas is not unlimited and most of the shallow gas has already been found and is in production. This means that deeper wells will have to be drilled at much higher cost to find the deep gas supplies that are still untapped. Higher drilling and production costs will push the price of gas up as we continue to use more and more every year. Obviously a high efficiency furnace will pay in a big way in the future.

If you can afford it the best choice is undoubtedly the high efficiency gas furnace. Gas furnace prices can often be reduced when government grants and tax rebates are made available. In the best case scenario government grants and/or tax rebates can cut the cost of installing a natural gas furnace by  50%. The consumer needs to inquire as to what rebates are available and make the decision to install the furnace when the best rebate can be obtained if at all possible. Companies which sell and install furnaces can quote you gas furnace prices and tell you what rebates you can get at that time.

Getting the right size of natural gas furnace for your home is critical. A furnace which is too small and low in output will not heat your home properly. A furnace which has more output than is required for your individual home will waste energy and cost you more for fuel. A qualified gas furnace installation contractor is trained to look at all the variables in your particular home including size of the rooms, insulation, local winter climate and temperatures and so on, and to recommend to you the exact size of furnace which is required to heat your home efficiently. Gas furnace prices rise as the output of the furnace increases so you save by installing the correct furnace rather than one with too big an output.

Purchasing a new gas furnace is a major expenditure.For this reason you should carefully shop for prices and compare all suppliers before making a decision.First of all you should compare all the available makes of gas furnace by checking them out online and with local dealers.Get all the reviews which are online and see what owners had to say about the furnace.Check all the features which each one has. Then after deciding which model you want to buy check all local retailers and get their price--believe me it can vary a lot.


Then you should go online and check the price with as many suppliers as you can find. See what their delivery charges are and compare the total with the price from a local dealer. There can be a very big difference in prices as you will see and why pay any more than you have to.

The next thing to consider is installation cost. Local dealers may give you a break on this when you buy from them but don,t count on it.  If they are very busy they will probably charge the full price for installation even if you do buy from them. You are going to have to hire an installer of course if you buy online and have the furnace shipped to you. A big warning here! Don,t allow anyone but a certified  gas installation contractor to install your furnace. If you do, the installation will probably be illegal and your insurance company could refuse to pay if there is a fire anytime. So play it safe and pay the price for a certified technician to do the work. It will cost more but you will have peace of mind.

Study all the angles when you buy your furnace. Be sure that you are getting the best furnace, which has good reviews, and no owner complaints. If there are some poor reviews or a number of complaints in the comments you would be wise to look at another make or model. Take your time and check everything out then spend your money wisely.

Natural gas furnace prices are very competitive in online stores. Your best way to get a good price is to check all available suppliers online and in your own neighborhood. You will also have to take into account any delivery charges which you may incur by buying online and add these to the final cost. The furnace must be installed by a licensed contractor who has the necessary licence covering gas installations. If you buy your furnace from a local dealer it may be that they also install it and the installation cost may be less than if you bought a furnace online and called in  a licensed contractor to install it. You need to take all these factors into account in deciding whether to buy your natural gas furnace locally or online.

Natural gas furnace prices of course depend on the make and model, and on the efficiency of the furnace. Medium efficiency natural gas furnace prices are considerably lower than prices for the high efficiency models. However the price of natural gas is now high and is expected to go higher in years ahead as supplies drop off. This means that the saving in fuel which you get by installing a high efficiency natural gas furnace will pay for the difference in price within a few years and you will then save money every year thereafter.

Medium efficiency natural gas furnaces run at 80 to 85% efficiency and high efficiency furnaces run at 95 to 97% efficiency. This equates to about a 12% saving in fuel when using the high efficiency furnace. Your monthly fuel bill will be 12% less and you will be putting less polluting gases into the atmosphere. If you can afford the difference in cost it makes sense to go with a high efficiency natural gas furnace. As we stated earlier the supply of natural gas is not unlimited and as more and more is consumed every year it is certain that gas prices will escalate in the future. Be wise and get a high efficiency furnace now.

See our blog for more information about gas furnace prices.

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